Morning Joe: When is It Time for Technical Writing in the Work Place?

I work at a startup. If you go unnoticed someone notices. The pay is lower but the people are nice. You learn who people are and teamwork receives the benefit. However, my starup is growing and communications are realing from the same revolving door policy. The solution is clearly technical writing and anyone would say creating a report for a massive project is always a good thing. However, when do simple installs need proposals? This is obviously a situational issue. Here are the factors I see going into this decision.

      How much time does the supervisor have? Creating paper creates flexibility but also says importance.
      How knowledgeable are your superiors? Will the request recipient be able to explain the problem and solution?
      How technical is the problem compared to the supervisors capabilities?
      How costly is the request? A formal report may be necessary.
      Do you have something other than supervisor level knowledge to offer without looking cocky?

You will need to assess the capabilities of the team members as well as higher-ups and technical writing allows you to sell the option.

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