A New Kind of CRM

CRM software is not IT, creative, technology, or manufacturing oriented. Aside from a plugin for JIRA, there is not a lot dedicated towards project and lead generation in the CRM space. This article introduces an effort my company Simplr Insites, LLC is committed to which will create a CRM capable of not only separating clients from infrastructure project workflow tools but that can adequately group tickets for generic project creation and provide useful statistics.

This project is being deployed by Simplr Insites, LLC for use with our clients. This tool will likely have other features built in to supplement JIRA such as work-flow test integration with our backend tool.

The Problem

IT solutions in the CRM, manufacturing, construction, and technology space are oddly lacking. There are project management tools and a few high priced options but most stick to the old chat server systems and barely scrape the surface of lead generation.

So what is needed in this space:

  • the ability to converse which is already beat to death
  • the ability to manage a project which is fairly well done
  • the ability to spot similar tickets, problems, and issues to limit redundancy
  • the ability to generate group leads based on these tickets
  • the ability to share samples
  • role separation directly related to the space

The Solution

Simplr Insites, LLC is creating an open source attempt to get around this issue. After all, we are a low profit company controlling non-profits and public goods companies. We aim to tackle all of these issues using Python, Flask, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap and connections to Celery ETL.

This project:

  • creates the conversational and ticket management tools we all love
  • adds the analytics we need for lead generation and genericism through NLP and AI
  • separates clients, project managers, developers, and observers with varying levels of access
  • allows sample sharing
  • the ability to kick of data validation tasks on Celery ETL because we need it and not because it is related
  • other tasks

It is 2018, let’s create something useful.


Want to help, join us on Github. While your at it, check out CeleryETL which is an entire distributed system which Simplr Insites, LLC currently uses to handle ETL, analytics, backend, and frontend tasks.

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