A Quickee: So Fedora Wireless Is Not Working with BCM 4313

Its 1 am and instead of working over my VPN, I have been trying to get Fedora 20 to just use my wireless. Stuck and bumping my head into a wall, I found some instructions that actually worked, a bit.

Run a modprobe or lspci first to find which network controller you have (lspci | grep NetworkController*).

If you have a Broadcom 4313 like I do, then you may need to update your drivers using yum. The instructions are here. It bought me enough speed to resolve any further issues. I have no idea why this is not fixed despite all the bug reports and form questions. Considering this post still loads extremely slow but really quick on Windows 8 or Ubuuntu on my desktop, there is still a problem. That is with the cache deleted.


Cheers! I think.